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What I’m currently working on

I work doing Internet related reseach at i2cat.

I hold a Telecommunications Engineering degree from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC, July 2020) and did my bachelor thesis abroad about transdermal optical links with the Wireless Communications and Information Processing group (WCIP) at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH, July 2020). I obtained a MSc in advanced telecommunications technologies (UPC, February 2022).

Hahatay Todos

On my free time I volunteer on cooperation tech projects. Currently deploying an IT infrastracture in the Senegalese region of Gandiol, Senegal with Hahatay. Projects are funded by the Development and Cooperation Centre from the UPC and most of the IT infrastracture is recycled and provided by Labdoo


Full detailed list at my Google Scholar profile.

RINA-based virtual networking solution for distributed VNFs: Prototype and Benchmarking
Presentation Slides
S Giménez, E Grasa, C Fernández, S Siddiqui
2022 - IEEE EuCNC 2022 6G Summit

Prototype and benchmark of a RINA-based virtual networking solution for Virtual Network Functions (VNFs)
S Giménez, E Grasa, J Perelló.
2022 - UPC, Barcelona, Spain.

A Proof of Concept implementation of a RINA interior router using P4-enabled software targets
S Gimenez, E Grasa, S Bunch.
2020 - IEEE; 2020 23rd Conference on Innovation in Clouds, Internet and Networks and Workshops

A P4-Enabled RINA Interior Router for Software-Defined Data Centers
C Fernández, S Giménez, E Grasa, S Bunch
2020 - MDPI; Computers 9 (3), 70

Development of a low-cost prototype to evaluate the performance of Transdermal Optical Links
S Giménez
2020 - AUTH & UPC; Aristotle University of Thessaloniki & Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

Side Projects

Open Arms: Origine

Torture, extortion and even death are common situations faced during the journey to Europe. Migration is a fundamental right, and we defend it as such, but it is important that the decision to migrate is well-informed and chosen in freedom. More info here

Detailed techincal project report can be found here, as well as developed open source tools available at @aucoop.

Blood Pressure Under Pressure

Checkout project website
Client / server application based on mobile devices and open software OpenMRS that allows the automated collection of biomedical data in areas with little or no coverage of mobile communications. This system is aimed to local agents with low or null medical and technological knowledge that will improve the treatment of hypertension in remote areas.


Ceckout projet repo
ieMaps is an inclusive and eco-friendly Google Maps implementation, a project made by a 4-people group in the HackUPC 2019 and then presented as final project from the BSc course on Distributed Systems Applications.


Checkout website project
Discovering dyslexia through the technology of VR. Project presented in Everis within the UPC.

Non-Formal Education